Social Responsability

We have a policy of social responsibility with very defined principles that represent our commitment to our employees, shareholders, the board of directors and our environment.
The social program contributes to our community, the environment and the surroundings, improving the quality of life by developing different projects for health, education, home, etc.

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(Business Alliance for Secure Commerce)

Textiles Camones works with a Security Management System in its Foreign Trade operations, ensuring that its merchandise is not contaminated by any foreign substance and keeping the company free from any illegal activity.

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(Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)

Textiles Camones in the development of its activities, has a firm commitment with its collaborators to comply with Labor standards, in labor relations, safety conditions, health and adequate work environment.

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The OekoTex - Standard 100 certification is a globally recognized certification and its objective is to ensure that textile articles are free of substances that are harmful to health.