Textile Process


Our knitting area has a very varied park of Mayer and Terrot machines of different gauges and needle beds, we can make fabrics such as Jersey, pique, Interlock, Engineering stripe, Jackards, Minijackards. We also have rectilinear machines with different gauges to make simple, fashion, fulyfashion, double-sided, etc. Our production capacity is 800 tons per month.

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Yarn dyeing

Our machines are the latest generation Bellini brand and with capacities from 5kg to 400 kg. our monthly capacity is 80 tn.

Dyeing and Fabric Finishing.

Our park of fabric dyeing and finishing machines is 100% European technology, it is made up of THEN AND BRAZZOLI dyeing machines with capacities from 10 kg to 1000kg, the BIANCO brand hydro-extractor and the finishing machines are the BRUCKNER branches, the compactors and LAFER sanforizers. Our dyeing and finishing capacity is 800tn month

Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Our STORM 14-color rotary machine allows us to make high-precision color matching stampings, obtaining excellent records. We can do different stamping techniques such as Pigment, Discharge, Reactive and dispersed. Our production volume is 250,000 meters per month.

Digital Stamping

We have the latest generation ATEXCO brand machine that allows accurate definition and sharpness of the design. Our production capacity is 120,000 meters per month.

Textile Sublimation

We have a modern MONTI machine, 1 meter in diameter, which guarantees high transfer performance of printed paper and high production volumes. Monthly production 200,000 meters.