Manufacturing Process


We have the LECTRA automated cutting system, our cutting capacity is 2 million pieces per month.

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Our sewing facilities have 1200 sewing machines of different brands and types such as straight, overlock, cover, elastic, buttonhole, button, etc. Our sewing capacity is 8.5 million minutes per month.

Garment Printing

Our stamping area is made up of 3 mechanical machines with 8 plates for samples and 4 automatic claws MHM brand with 16 arms and up to 12 colors, we are capable of producing all kinds of stamping techniques such as: plastisol, WC base, foil, transfer, flock, HD, discharg, etc. Our average capacity is 1,200,000 pieces per month.


Our facility has 120 Amaya embroidery heads.


Our laundry facility has Tonelo brand machines, with a capacity of 20,000 pieces per day in different techniques and washing effects such as: Garment wash, Stone wash, pigment dye, soft wash, sublime dye, etc.

Garment finishing

We have 8 workstations with 7 steam machines, our packaging capacity is 2,000,000 million pieces per month.