About us

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Since 1995

We are a family company dedicated to the manufacture of fabrics and knitwear. We have more than 25 years of experience exporting to the most demanding markets. We are a vertical company and all our processes are integrated and systematized from fabrics to properly packaged garments, offering our customers the best "full package" service.

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Dressing the world with innovative, high-quality proposals at competitive prices and with social and environmental responsability


To be recognized globally as a sustainable textile company.


Our work focuses on the following pillars

1. Leadership, we are innovative and we face the future.

2. Integrity. We act with honesty and respect for our workers, clients and society.

3. Quality, we exceed the demands of the world market.

4. Commitment, we have a passion for results.

5. Sustainability, we manage resources with a focus on social and economic development and care for the environment.